fredag 13 april 2012

4-Skins om Pretty Shitty Kjell #3: Oi! The Event

"Oi is alive and well!!!
We have just returned from a great weekend in Sweden "Oi the event" With The Rejects, The Resort, Anti-nowhere League,Superyob, Frankie flame, Section 5, Guttersnipe, Agent Bulldog a brilliant line up.

Want to say a big thank you to Mattias and all the Pretty Shitty Crew and staff at the venue for a very professionally run event. We met some fantastic people and some old friends. Will be posting up some photos very soon.

Thanks again to the promoters who took a chance on the 4-Skins and didn't listen to all the bollox that has been around the last couple of years. None of the other bands had any problems with playing with us. we know a lot of the other bands, friendships that were forged way back before the internet. If you think you can destroy that then think again this was proof your slandering lies have no effect. Just for the record the 4-Skins have no political agenda. we sing about the things that effect our everyday lives and piss us off. We tell it how it is. We do not force our views and opinions on anyone else. We don't expect everyone to agree and we don't have a problem with that but don't try and force your opinions on us either. Don't try and tell us what we should or shouldn't be we are nobody's puppets and we wont won't say sorry for anything we have done. Take it or leave it we don't care. The people we met this weekend saw us for what we are ordinary people with ordinary views on life things that really effect us in the places we live. If promoters have their own agendas and personal views, thats down to them as long as they do not use our shows to promote it.
Stay true to yourselves."

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