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Intervju - The Enemy

Ny intervju. Det är The Enemy från Derby (Uk) som får lite utrymme. De är för övrigt intresserade av att komma till Sverige och spela, så om någon av er arrangörer är intresserade så finns det kontaktinformation längre ner.

Please tell me about the band.
Begin with a bit of your history, when you started, what it was like and when and why you stopped playing.

The Enemy - Derby based Punk band originally formed in 1980 - Now Reformed in 2012. Originally they released several singles and two Albums, performing all over the UK. www.theenemyderby.co.uk
The Enemy formed in early 1980 as Mark Woodhouse (vocals), Steve "Mez" Mellors (guitar), Steve O'Donnell (bass), and Mark Herrington (drums).
They played their first gig at Woodlands Youth Centre, and landed a support slot on Anti Pasti's gig in Huddersfield.

They recorded their first single, "50,000 Dead" at Old Cottage Studios in Derby, releasing it on their own Tin Tin label. The single w...See More

SINGLES; 50,000 Dead (1981), Fallen Hero (1982), Punk's Alive (1982), Last Rites (1983), Last but not least (1984).
ALBUMS; Gateway to Hell (1983), Last but not Least (1984)

Who's in the band now? When and why did you reform? What is it like to be back?

The band members are the original line up with the addition of Wayne Griffiths on lead guitar. We reformed in 2012 January was our first rehearsal in 29 years, Being back is a strange feeling but great at the same time to know that there are so many people that remember us and are pleased we are back playing.

Since you reformed, have you played a lot? 

Since reforming we have played 4 times in our home town of Derby the first being in June 2012 Followed by the biggest to date gig in Blackpool, Rebellion punk rock festival which is the biggest in the World in August 2012 with well over 300 band playing that was an amazing show we really kicked ass, Then 3 show in London the last being at The Winter of Discontent Festival, our next shows are as follows:

Saturday MAY 4th: Punk Festival @ The Sitwell Tavern, DERBY

Saturday MAY 25th: Nice n Sleazy Punk Festival, MORECOMBE

Saturday JUNE 1st: The Haygate, TELFORD

Saturday JULY 13th: Charity Event @ The Hairy Dog, DERBY

Saturday JULY 27th: Rock & Blues Festival, Pentrich, Derbyshire

Saturday SEPTEMBER 14th: (with ANTI-PASTI)
Assembly Rooms, DERBY

2 more shows in Scotland one in Edinburgh and one in Aberdeen, then to finish the year off we play Saturday DECEMBER 7th: THE ENEMY XMAS BASH @ The Hairy Dog, DERBY

What are your plans for the bands future? Are you writing new songs and if so, are you gonna release something new?

We are writing a new album at the moment and have just realest an EP with 3 tracks on: Lie to Me, Little big Man and You the People.. that is getting lots of good feedback and radio air play.

When you listen to punk music today, what do you listen to? Do listen to any new punk rock?

I still listen to the old punk music like Angelic Upstarts, Stiff Little Fingers, Slaughter and the Dogs, Dead Keneddys, the Clash, Sex Pistols, but i also listen to some new bans like Apocalypse Babys, The Reverends, Dirt Box Disco and Firstwave. I like some of the new punk but prefer the old stuff but i have never been a lover of thrash punk I like melodic punk like we play.

How does one get in touch with you or book you to a gig?

If anyone needs to contact us about a booking they need to go to:
Website http://www.theenemyderby.co.uk/
Press Contact E-Mail; theenemy@btinternet.com
Booking Agent E-Mail: theenemy@btinternet.com

Have you got something you want to ad?

As a punk band we still believe that punk rock is a way of life even though we are older now we still hold that punk rock rebel attitude about us. One more thing is my best gig memory from the early 80's was when we played at Christmas on Earth punk festival in Leeds with :The UK Subs, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Exploited, Angelic Upstarts and The Dammed to over 6500 people that was amazing well that's about it...keep fucking Rocking...Steve'O.

Where can we buy the new Ep?

The new ep is available on Ebay and also from our website along with the new T-shirt,

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